Friday, 21 November 2008

feeling better(a little bit)

Fulham 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur

Nice try, Simon(thanks, Mr.Gomez).
Good goal, AJ.
It's always good to see our striker score
and all the more this time
as it was against Spurs!

I'm sorry, Jamie Perrett...


Espanyol 3-4 Numancia

Of course, I don't like the result very much
but Finn was back from the injury
and in the starting 11.
I have no idea how he played
because the La Liga review show in Japan
gave this game just ten seconds
and I can't read Spanish or Catalan.
But I'm sure he and his co-defenders didn't play well
as they conceded four goals from a newly promoted team.
They are at 16th now.
It's really worrying and I just hope
Finn will help his team to improve...
or he has to improve obviously!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

You are too nice

Blackburn 1-0 Fulham

I was disappointed very much.
Will our away day blues still continue this season?

We had some good chances and if only BZ knew
how to head the ball into the back of the net,
we could have won.

Another away game tonight,
away at Turf Moor.

I remember the night when Sean was sent off
and FFC Official site man cruelly used the picture of the gutted Finn
in front of the scoreboard which said 3-0.

We haven't won at Turf Moor for over 50 years
but there isn't any reason that we can't win this time.
I hope Roy has put some magic into our team to break the jinx.
And I want see Leon, Fred, Zubi or Toni
play to prove their ability.

By the way, I think Gentleman Jim was saying
that the away shirt was sexy
(my hearing ability of English is dubious),
do you think so?
I think it is fairy good but sexy...?


Espanyol 1-1 Getafe

Finn made a debut for Espanyol on Saturday.
He replaced the injured left back Beranger at 79th minutes.
Some fans said on a message board that he was solid
and it made me feel relieved.

Their fans expect that Finn will be a big hit
as he has played at two CL finals
and was a regular RB for that famous Liverpool.
I hope the pressure doesn't affect him.

In Japan, the away match against Sevilla
will be on TV on Wednesday.
I want to see Finn play,
but at least to know his new teammates
I will get up early, at 4:00AM.

I don't really understand why the Spanish games
start at 22:00 even on weekend.
Culture shock, that is...

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Finn the Perico

Finn has been unveiled as an Espanyol player on Monday.
He will be wearing the number 15 this season.

It seems he is treated as a superstar, doesn't it?
When will I be used to see him in a Perico shirt?

They are top of the table now
and managers don't tinker their winning teams
unless he is Mr.Benitez.
I hope Finn will get a chance to play as soon as possible.


And our Fulham are 7th with a game in hand.
I was pleased to watch a good partnership of AJ and BZ .
I should not get carried away as the season is young
but I really like what I have seen so far.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

What a summer...

Our little Fulham beat Arse.
Well done, Brede and the lads!
I'm very proud of you.

Jimmy was called into the England squad.
Well done, Jimmy!
Go and get the medal.
Only the team with a Fulham player can win the WC.

We got Julian Gray on the deadline day(hehe).
Work hard, young man.

Antti has retired.
Thank you, Antti.
I'll miss you as I am a big fan of you
and was over the moon
when I heard that you had joined us.
You should have been our first choice GK
but for those injuries...

And Finn has gone to Spain.

I am still upset by the Finn's transfer.

As I have never thought he would go abroad,
when I heard the news I almost fainted...
I knew he would leave Anfield but why Spain!?

He could have refused it and I wanted him to fight
for the RB position at Anfield.
But it seemed that the Reds manager would
never play him again
and Finn refused to be rotten in the reserve team at Melwood.
Fair enough.

I can't see the bright side of this transfer yet
and I'm worried if he succeeds in La Liga
(a pessimistic part of me says he would fail)
but now that he chose the new challenge
(and the new team without that fat, bald Spaniard)
I will back him as a fan.

Espanyol is a kind of Fulham in La Liga, isn't it?
(though their stadium is not so beautiful.)
I just wish him good luck
and as far as the commitment and consistency is concerned
he'll never let me and the Espanyol fans down.

Training with the Ireland team in Dublin.
Lovely smile, isn't it?

Monday, 4 August 2008

Not yet...

I hate this transfer thingy.
Especially this year.

Barry saga is still on and becoming to get complicated.
Barry wants to be a Red.
Villa wants £18m for him.
Liverpool doesn't want to pay it.
And Villa doesn't think Finn is worth £2m.

Yes I know that the balding manager
doesn't need Finn anymore
now that he has a young Swiss international right back.
I don't know why they want to use Finn
as a makeweight for Barry
but think if O'Neill wants Finn it would be good for him.

But some paper said that Finn was reluctant to join Villa
as part of the deal.
Fair enough.
He wants to fight for the place at Liverpool.
I will support him whatever he wants.
But Finn, when your manager doesn't want you,
how would you make him to play you?

I really hate this.
I hate Rafa B, very much.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Ca va?

Suruga Bank Championship 2008 Osaka
took place in Japan tonight.
It is a match played between the league cup winners
of Japan and Argentine.
Gamba Osaka vs Arsenal FC.

I wasn't interested in this match.
But Gamba have my favourite GK(Fujigaya)
and right back(Kaji),
I started to watch the game.
I didn't know about Arsenal FC at all.

But lo and behold!
There was Sava, playing for Arsenal!
Facundo Sava, our Man in the Mask!

I was surprised and pleased very much
as I really liked him when he was playing for Fulham
and was very sad when he left.

He hasn't changed much.
He won every header and still had lovely mullet!

He had a good game tonight.
I was wondering if he had a mask in his sock
but I couldn't find it out
because he was replaced around 75th minutes.
It's a shame as he had a few good chaces to score
but I was happy to see him fit and well.

Gamba Osaka 0-1 Arsenal FC

Facundo won another title.
It is not a very big one,
but he and his teammates seemed very happy.

Sunday, 6 July 2008


Long time no see (I know nobody misses it).

It may be a part of the off-season syndromes
as I didn't have a gut to talk about my beloved Fulham...
I have been in the mood of "I don't like football. It sucks!"
I needed a rest...

But the transfer rumours don't wait.

Fulham have got Gera and Andranik.
But we lost Brian.
We know he would leave sometime as he wanted to go back to USA
but I am very sad, very very sad.
Who will replace him?
EJ? He might be , as a striker...
But who will be Captain?
Aaron? Bully?(will he stay?)

Rumour has it that Aston Villa want Finn as a part of the Barry deal,
so he doesn't seem to be back to Fulham.
Although Finn had declared to fight for the RB berth at Anfield ,
no one seemed to care, including his Manager...

Anyway, my beloved Fulham will go to South Korea
for the pre-season friendlies.
Very good chance to watch the Whites as I live in Japan.

Anyone out there (that has time to see my blog)
is going to the eastern country?
If there is someone, please let me know.
I need a White or two to go with and talk to.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Photo of the Season

Sorry for my sentiment.

I don't care they will wear the same shirts (white, of course)next season.

A new Red, Philipp Degen seems to be confident
to get the RB place from Finn and Al.
Let's see.

Off -season syndrome

I'm feeling blue these days.

No football on Saturday.
No excitement, joy or sorrow on Saturday.
And those irritating, nerve-wracking transfer rumours!

We've got Schwarzer.
I know he is a good GK
but a bit disappointed that we couldn't get Jussi or Maik
if we really need a GK
as we already have two good GKs.
I didn't realise that our priority was a goalie.
But now that Roy thought otherwise,
I really wish Mark will do a good job for us
as I know we will need his heroics on some occasions.

As for the RB situation,
of course I would be happy if Finn would come back to us
( though I want him to fight for the RB berth at Liverpool to be honest ),
but why Mendy?
I've never rated him and I don't really like him.
He may be free but Paul Stalteri would be a better option, wouldn't he?
He has done a decent job for us and he wants to join us.
Please Roy, please.

Eight players were released.
I feel sorry for Boca.
He might have not been a great defender
(he was sent off vs Villa at Loftus Road and it was the first Fulham game I attended)
but he scored some precious goals for us.
Thanks and good luck to them who had to go.

So Fulham will go to South Korea for the pre-season friendlies.
Why not Japan?
Japan is the better place to play football apparently.
Of course it's because of LG.
Alright then.
I have to manage to join you the Whites fans.
Luckily, I live in a place called Fukuoka
where is very near to SK it will be cheaper than to fly to Tokyo.

Well, there is some good thing during the off-season!

Another interesting game to watch tommorrow.
England vs USA at Wembley.
Boca, Clint and EJ are in the American team.
I hope our lads will play well and beat England.

Monday, 12 May 2008

We are in the Premier League!

Sorry, lads.
I just can't believe this.

Until Murphy scored, I couldn't see this.
We started very well but couldn't score
but neither did they.
We defended well, very well.
So I had a hope we might win and survive
even though other rival teams were winning.

We had to score and win to stay up, as simple as that.

And we did score!

76th minute, from Jimmy's FK , Murphy's header!
I haven't seen the Danny's header until this,
this really crucial moment .

After that we defended even better
and we got 3 precious points.
In my tears, I lost my words and I just praised our lads,
Manager and Uncle Mo.
Also the great applause to the brave people
who went to Pompey,
I could hear your chants and it made me feel I was not alone.

Alright, we must improve to win the title
(which Man U have just won)
but with this squad we will be more comfortable next season, I hope...

Monday, 5 May 2008

We will stay up!

OK, Bolton won.
But most important thing is that we also won!

Fulham 2-0 Birmingham

I don't really understand what that means
but we "took the game to Brum", didn't we?
Every lad showed the will to win and ran all over the pitch.
I was desperately worried about their stamina.

But Captain scored!
I thought he would score when Si's FK flew goalwards.
Brilliant diving header.
He led by example.
It gave the teammates a boost apparently.

Nev(I mean Erik) scored the crucial second goal
and I could breath a sigh of relief at last.
I haven't seen him play much but he seems to know

where the goal is.

The final game of the season is at Fratton Park
and it will be a tough game, of course.
I'll give you all my best wishes to win the FA Cup,
Sean and Papa, so please give us some favour.
One or two own goals and some misplaced passes
would be nice.

I just pray.
I don't think our lads deserve to be relegated.
I want them to prove it.

I'm sorry for Maik.
You are a good GK, no doubt about that.
My dream team always includes you and Finn.
If Fulham need a new GK and a RB...

By the way, the refs were crap, weren't they?

Monday, 21 April 2008

What's wrong with us?

I can't answer.

Finn played but didn't score an own goal.
Most importantly, Fulham didn't score, either.

Fulham 0-2 Liverpool

We started well enough to give me some hope
but Keller should have done better.
Of course the rest of the lads could have done better.
I wanted to see commitment, passion, and a desire to win
from the Whites but I couldn't.
We couldn't take advantage of Finn's misplaced pass.

Actually I've been speechless for some time now
and don't want to think about the last three games.
Somehow Bolton won...ooh...

And I didn't want to see you celebrate Pennant's goal
with your teammates, Finn...

Friday, 18 April 2008

Don't get carried away...

Sunday morning, I woke up to find a big smile on my face.

Reading 0-2 Fulham

First away win in 33 games and our two strikers scored!
Just 4 points from the 17th place.

I felt very positive when I checked the rating of some press
and very pleased when I watched the Review Show.
It's a shame that we hit the woodwork three times.

But I had a lump in my throat and shed some tears
when I looked at the photos on the Official site.

I don't know why
but they may show the unity, spirit and determination
or something which lacked before.
I'm not sure.
I don't think the players hadn't fought until this
but...maybe I've become very vulnerable these days.

Now Liverpool next.
We've had some encouraging results against them
at the Cottage.
As they will play Scum on Tuesday(or Wednesday?)
and the fourth place seems almost to be secured,
Tinkerman might rest some key players
(Captain G is injured).
I don't mind if Finn will score the first OG
in his career for us
as long as he plays(...not really).

Thanks, Captain!
His message for the fans.
And the staff of the Official site made a moving vid again.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Great news

It seems Jimmy Bullard will stay with Fulham
if we are relegated.

I have no idea that whom he has told it
and who revealed it to us, but at least,
on the official site he paid tribute to the fantastic support
from the Whites fans
and said that he and his teammates owe them.

Of course, the lads don't want to go down
and they will fight to prevent it.
I hope they are determined to give us something to cheer about.
A win. Or two. Or three.

Sunderland at the Cottage on Saturday.
A must win game.
We must win.

David Healy was presented with an award on 26th March
in recognition of his record-breaking
Euro 2008 Qualification campaign goal tally .
Congratulations, David.
If only you can score for Fulham.
Yes I know you haven't had many opportunities
because of the reason I can't see.
But if only...

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Well done lads

and lasses.

Derby 2-2 Fulham

I was devastated and I can't say any more
with my poor vocabulary to express my feelings properly.
So I'll give the big applause to those
who went all the way to Derby
and had to come back broken-hearted.
I could hear their chants clearly.'s Man of the Match

Friday, 28 March 2008

The Finishing Touch

Newcastle 2-0 Fulham

I have been very ill for a while
so I might have seen the match with my weary eyes and mind
but you, the lads, made me feel worse.

I thought we could beat them.
I didn't want to give that man (a man called King Kev)
his first victory.
And you DID!

Is it Fulhamish?

But, even with my black & white coloured spectacles,
I couldn't see that we were the better side.
What's wrong with us?
Away day curse?
Or are we REALLY not good enough to be in the Premiership?

Yes, we are good enough to survive.
I always wonder why we can't win with this squad.

And I found belatedly this video on the Official site.
Uncle Mo says he believes we can survive, and so do I.

Now we have got seven games to play.
Anything can happen.
We can make it happen.

By the way, whose song is it?
That song makes the video even more emotional.
I shed some tears be honest.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

There's only one Jimmy Bullard

Blackburn 1-1 Fulham

Jimmy has done it again!

I didn't think we played badly in the bad condition
(though BBC thought so), so I was very disappointed
at the way we conceded the goal.
It might have been a foul against Stalteri
but CBs should have dealt with that cross and the player.

Have you seen the Sky's Premier League best?
Simon and Jimmy were chosen in Team of the weekend.
Jimmy was the Player of the week and his goal was Goal of the week.
And Pedersen's goal was Controversy of the week.
Is the man in charge a Fulham fan?
Or suddenly the press come to like Fulham?

Now it is six points from the 17th spot.
We can stay up.
...I hope we can...


CL best 16 2nd leg

Inter 0-1 Liverpool (0-3)

Somehow they won.
Finn had not recovered from the groin injury.
I wonder whether Rafa would have picked Finn if he was fit,
though, as Carra played as RB when Arbeloa was available.
Good saves by Pepe and a great goal from Torres.

Four English clubs are in the quarter final.
Like everybody else,
I hope Reds will play Schalke 04 in the next round.
They are Volzy's boyhood club, aren't they?

Sunday, 2 March 2008


Fulham 0-3 Man Ure

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Go away butterflies!

I am already nervous about tonight's game.
I've seen Fulham beaten ManUre not long ago.
Of course, the team were the different ,
but still I hope they have the same spirit.

Leon is suspended but Bouazza will return.
Giggs will not play because of injury...
yes, it might be a good news
but they still have a plenty of great players.
I didn't know Healy was a ManUre player.
Old boys (Healy and Nev) will let them know what they have missed.
I hope...

They have TWO former Fulham players.
(We are a feeder club to ManUre?)
Edwin has played pretty well this season, I think.
Are you happy, Louis?

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Thanks, Mr.Webb

Fulham 0-1 West Ham

Really gutted.
I don't know other words to describe my feeling...

As I haven't watched the game again(I have no guts to do so)
and didn't visit the TIFF site,
so this is my very instinctive and might be a biased view
but we were so unlucky. Very, very unlucky.

It was a foul against Antti and a definite handball by Solano.
Otherwise,I can't understand why Leon was sent off for the protest.
He might have said exactly the same words I uttered in front of my TV screen.
We have seen the less contact was penalised.
Is it because we are Fulham?

So now what should we do?
Are we not good enough to be in the Premiership?
I don't think so, of course.
We can beat ManUre.
We know that.
It will be fulhamish if we beat ManUre, won't it?

Friday, 22 February 2008

No one likes us

We don't care.

Surprisingly, J Sports
(a CS channel who broadcast the Premiership games
in Japan)
have chosen Fulham v West Ham game this Saturday.
Usually they only broadcast games by so-called
the big four clubs
but somehow they have picked this game.

As you suspect, West Ham is loved by Japanese pundits.
They love big names and clubs who have great histories.
They don't give a s**t to Fulham
and I don't care as long as I can watch my beloved
Fulham game.
I wish Fulham to upset those Japanese pundits.
We can beat anyone.
We are Fulham!

But just one problem for me...
At the same time, Liverpool will play Middlesbrough
and of course they broadcast the game.
I'm not sure if I can stay away from the Reds game
as I'm really worried about Finn.
He had a good game against Inter
but he is very inconsistent this season.
I just hope that fat Spaniard to tinker.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Who is as kean as mustard?

Cookie has become the manager of Coventry City.

Welcome back to English football, Cookie and Keano!

Coventry are now 20th in the Championship,
4 points above the relegation zone.
Their Chairman rates Cookie highly
and said they have a five-year plan(sounds familiar?)
and he's got the right man.
As other newly recruited managers,
he said good things about his new club,
but I would be happier if he didn't talk about Fulham.
Please sign Pearcy if you want, Cookie.

I really look forwards to seeing him and his team
to face Fulham in the Premier League,
not in the Championship.
Mind you, Fulham lads!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Just wondering...

What would I feel IF Fulham get relegated?

Boro 1-0 Fulham

Sorry, I am so disappointed with the result
that I can't think of a positive thing
as I just watched the last 20 minutes of the match.
Some said that we conceded because of an awful defending.
The Review Show will be on TV tonight in Japan.
I can't wait...not really...

IF Fulham get relegated,
we, Japanese fans will not be able to
watch a Fulham game on TV.
Watching a defeat by 5-0 against ManUre is better than nothing.
I have no idea if we can watch Championship games online.

Alright, it is too early to worry about such a thing.

I have to have faith in Manager and the lads.
I like them. I really do now more than before
(I mean Sanchez era).
In Roy we trust.

Please forgive me for quoting the words
by Scrumpy on TIFF board (Thanks Scrumpy).


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Great Escape

At last we won!

Fulham 2-1 Aston Villa

The win against the in-form Villa side is a pleasure
but I am more pleased with the lads' gutsy performance.

They gave their 110% for the team
and showed the will to win
which had been missed for a long time.
And the great goals from Simon and Jimmy
(Aaron's one was not so bad)!

I think Nevland did a decent job as a lone striker
and I like what I saw.
Jimmy was everywhere and I was worried
that he would not be able to last for 90 minutes.
But he could and scored a splendid FK!
What a player!
I just hope that no setback will occur to him
as he touched his thigh during the game.
And I am really pleased and relieved to see
Brian playing again.
Welcome back, Captain!

I couldn't scream as my family were asleep at 3AM in Japan,
I just had tears of joy in my eyes when the final whistle blew.

Now that Captain is back
and the new players have played very well,
I don't have to worry about the relegation, do I?

But one thing to worry about is...

Billy the badger.
Please behave yourself.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Clean sheet!

Bolton 0-0 Fulham

Brede looked very good in the heart of the defence.
Leon also looked lively and nearly scored his first goal.
RH was happy with a point and the team's performance.
I don't think Bolton played very well
and a bit disappointed with a draw
but I hope we only improve from here.
It was good to see us passing the ball well.
Ball never gets tired, right?
All we need now is a goal scorer or two or three.
We have EJ, Nevland, Brian and Kamara
(I didn't know Kuqi had gone) .
Where are the goals coming from?


Fulham DFC play in the quarter final of
British Deaf Cup tonight.
I didn't know they had won two times.
Good luck to the lads, and bring another silverware
to the trophy cabinet
which has only one Intertoto cup (We won it one time!)
and some won by the ladies' team.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

FA Cup aside

=Fifth round fixtures=

Bristol Rovers v Southampton
Cardiff City v Wolves
Sheffield United v Middlesbrough
Liverpool v Barnsley
Man Ure v Arse
Preston v Portsmouth
Coventry City v West Brom
Scum v Huddersfield Town

How lucky Scum are!
Liverpool will give another great day
to the travelling Barnsley fans.
I think Blades always have a good cup run.
We should have had Saints at home...

I felt sick when I heard that one Reds fan described
Finn as their own Titus Bramble.
I understand how he felt as I was also disappointed
by his mistake.
But it's unfair. He has a short memory
and he doesn't remember a couple of Finn's
decent performances for his loved club.
Maybe he is not good enough to wear a red shirt.

Oh, I just remember that they had a left back called Traore!


We must win at Reebok on Tuesday.
Murphy talked about the new lads
and of course he talked only good things.
But his comment on Brede sounds encouraging.
"Brede at the back reminds be a bit of Sami Hyypia
because everything seems to land on his head.
He blocks things, he looks brave, and looks like
he's desperate to defend and stop the ball going in the goal.
Of course that sounds like an obvious thing,
but he’s really impressed."

As Steph is suspended, Brede could start.
Or Baird in, at last, his proper position?
Or Boca?

Leon is sporting the famous white shirt.
I really expect him to be our great hit.

Monday, 28 January 2008

FA Cup Romance

FA Cup 4th Round

Liverpool 5-2 Havant & Waterlooville

Reds had to come from behind twice to beat
Havant & Waterlooville and reach the FA Cup fifth round.

Finn was a culprit for those two goals, it seems.
I didn't watch the H&W's first goal
but second one came from his mistake.
He was not in-form to be honest.
But he played pretty well in the second half,
sending a couple of good crosses and almost scored
with a looping shot, though no Reds fan mentioned it.
He made a great block in the dying minutes.
But no one mentioned it.
Their fans remember only his mistakes.
Alright he made some mistakes, but your Captain has,
hasn't he?

Rant over.

Well done H&W!
You gave the PL elite some scare and took your goals
very well.
You deserve the respect
and you let me know what the FA Cup magic is like.
If only my Fulham have your determination and
nothing-to-lose spirit...

Friday, 25 January 2008

Sad day for Eire

Or is it just for me?

Steve Finnan announced his retirement from
international football on Tuesday.

I knew he would soon hang up his international boots
and I thought I was ready for it, but......I am sad, very sad.
Isn't it too early to retire as he is just 31?
I think he still has a lot to offer his country.
It was revealed that he had said about his frustration
being often played as LB and I fully understand that.
But a new Ireland manager might be wiser to play his players
at their best positions.
Caretaker boss Don Givens says that he hopes
Finn reconsider his decision.
So do I, Finn.
I like Kelly and O'brien and hope they will have their chances
but it's obvious who is still the best RB for the green shirt.

The squad was named to face Brazil in next month's friendly.
Who will play LB now that they lost Finn?
Ian Harte is not included. Kilbane, maybe. Or O'Shea?
Let's wait and see.
Oh, by the way, who will be the next Ireland manager?

50 caps 2 goals

This photo was taken after Finn scored his second(and last?)
international goal against Cyprus
(it was an equaliser in 90th minutes).
He seems like a man who scored an own goal.
Fulhamish, isn't it?

Rafa welcomes his retirement,
so he will play Finn in the FA Cup tie
against Havant & Waterlooville out of gratitude(or won't).
Finn used to play for Welling Utd and he knows how they feel like to play at Anfield...

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

PL you're having a laugh

Better team won, it seemed.

FA Cup 3rd round replay

Bristol Rovers 0-0 Fulham (AET)
Bristol Rovers win 5-3 on penalties

Desperately seeking the positives...
Jimmy got 120minutes(and a saved penalty kick)
under his belt.
Tony made a couple of brilliant saves(so did their GK).
Stefanovic was sent off and will be suspended.
The manager and the players have time for the game
on Tuesday against Bolton(I'm not sure it is enough).

Alright we have to move on!


Leon Andreasen has joined.
I can't believe this but am happy of course.
I hope he and other new players will gel quickly
and improve the team for the great escape.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Poor Togo

Fulham 0-3 Arse

If only Togo qualified for ACN...

But we didn't seem to score.
The stats says there was no shot on goal for Fulham.
4-5-1 with Clint as a lone striker?
I don't know what to say.
Clichy had been handful for Volzy
and Seol was nowhere to be seen when needed.
No one could handle Adebayor properly.
I have to admit that we looked like a team to be destined
to be relegated.
I wish I am wrong.
Can we bounce back?

Hangeland was in the stand and he might have regretted
his decision.
So was Super Mac and was smiling before the game.
I eagerly want to see his smile and a kiss on his ring
on the pitch.

I haven't visited TIFF and other football sites yet.
I couldn't, to be honest.
My mentality is getting weaker and weaker ...

I am watching Birmingham v Scum game(recorded one)
while writing and I am impressed by the Blues'
(northern one, of course) performance.
I don't know the result and I'm just happy to see
Maik is having a good game so far.
I have a soft spot for Brum as they have Maik and Kelly
(he should be next Finn for Eire) now
and Brum is the club Finn made his professional debut for.
If they beat Scum...I'm not sure if I should cry or laugh.

Well... I'm Fulham till I die!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Cookie is tough

Cookie was sacked.
Rumour has it that he may join Kevin Keegan's
management team.
I don't really know about KK except that he bought Finn
from Notts County and he's done some unlikable thing to Fulham.
Finn is recognised as one of the best right backs
in England now (although he hasn't had many good games
this season to be honest)
but I'm wondering that it was KK who improved Finn
or was it JT?
Some kind Fulham fan, shed light on this, please!
Anyway I hope Cookie will have some more experience
to be, one day, a great Fulham manager.


IN Welcome to the Cottage!

Brede Hangeland

I was impressed by his performance for FC Copenhagenand
am really pleased to hear him joined us.
I hope he is the answer for the problem we have had for several seasons.
As he was born in Houston, Texas, he might feel at home in the 'locker room'.

I thought the King's deal has already been done
but it seemed he had failed the famous Fulham medical...hum.
Heidar, won't you come back?

And I like Leon Andreasen.
I'm not sure if he is better than what we have
though I have a soft spot for Scandinavian...

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Singing in the rain?

The FA Cup replay against Bristol Rovers was postponed
because of a waterlogged pitch.
I woke up at 4:30AM this morning to find this.
The first thing I thought was that it was good for
Jimmy and Antti.
Then I felt for the supporters who had travelled
all the way to Bristol.
Now we should prepare for the Arsenal game!
We can beat them. We know that. We can beat them.
We can beat them.

And what about the transfer things?
Van Buyten will come to Fulham?
I liked him when he played for HSV in Germany
but can Fulham pay his wage?
Eddie Johnson's deal has done?
I don't really know him
(except that he is a young and tall striker)
but he will have his international teammates around him,
it will be benefit for him.

By the way we were beaten by Hammers
by 2-1 the other day
though we had a lead with a Simon's free kick.
Half time champions !

Friday, 11 January 2008

I miss you

Brian returned to First Team training!

He will need another few weeks(hopefully)
to play a competitive game
and I'm worried about his skinny left leg,
but it's a very encouraging picture to see.
I love him so much. We need him so much.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


That is a new word someone at BBC football site has created.
They might be happy as there were Cupsets all over the place.
I enjoy those upsets as long as Fulham are not involved.
But we almost joined the losing Premiership sides.

Fulham 2-2 Bristol Rovers

I was relieved to see that we could come back
from behind twice and score two good goals
but very disappointed at the way we conceded two
against a League One side at home.
I was listening to Gentleman Jim's commentaries.
It sounded that we played pretty well and dominated for most of the game.
Of course it was not enough and we only forced a replay.
Let's win it and we'll face Swindon Town or Barnet.
(great draw, isn't it?)

Here's a good news.

Arse res. 0-2 Fulham res.

Jimmy played for 90 minutes unscathed.
Cook seemed to play well for 60 minutes.
Tony kept a clean sheet!

Sami Hyypia might join Fulham.
Lily Savage has gone to Derby.

And a bad news.

JA Boumsong and S Henchoz might join Fulham...

And also...

Luton 1-1 Liverpool

Finn let me down, though most of his teammates didn't play well
and it wasn't he that scored an own goal.
But I can't stand that Finn is criticised by the Reds fans.
Now are Rafa's days numbered?

Saturday, 5 January 2008

£6m flop

I found this on the Yahoo sports site.

Flops of the Festive Season

Craig Gordon (Sunderland) - 28.3
Brett Emerton (Blackburn) - 27.8
Ryan Nelsen(Blackburn) - 26.4
Ibrahima Sonko (Reading) - 25.9
Hermann Hreidarsson (Portsmouth) - 26.9
Fredrik Ljungberg (West Ham) - 26.4
Dwight Yorke (Sunderland) - 27.5
Alexander Hleb (Arsenal) - 27.7
Shaun Maloney (Aston Villa) - 27.6
Alan Smith (Newcastle) - 27.2
Diomansy Kamara (Fulham) - 25.7

I'm not sorry for Kamara, you deseve it.

And this.

Team of the Season

Robert Green (West Ham) - 33.5
Steve Finnan (Liverpool) - 32.1
Sol Campbell (Portsmouth) - 34.3
Martin Laursen (Aston Villa) - 33.7
Joleon Lescott (Everton) - 33.87
Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester Utd) - 34.7
Francesc Fabregas (Arsenal) - 34.9
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) - 34.9
Mikel Arteta (Everton) - 34.8
Wayne Rooney (Manchester Utd) - 35.6
Carlos Tevez (Manchester Utd) - 33.9

I'm very surprised to know that Finn is in the team to be honest
but I'm really happy with it.
Keep on working Finn, if your gaffer allows you to do so...

Thursday, 3 January 2008

A Happy New Year?

New year.
New manager.
The same result.

Fulham 1-2 Scum

It took three days to recover from the disappointment
for me to write something about football
(I know nobody expects my posts).

The scoreline looks decent.
It seemed we somehow could get a result.
Volzy looked lively in the midfield
and I saw some good passes from Murphy
and when he was about to take a penalty,
I was sure he would score.
Then again...
Everybody knows Ballack is a diver.
Clint should have known better.
And poor old Liverpool didn't do us a favour.
(Finn made their only goal. 1 goal out of 11 shots on...)

The transfer window has opened and there are some rumours.
But I wonder I would be happy if we get Lily Savage... please, no!

By the way we Japanese watch Premiership games
on a CS channel called Jsports
and Aaron and Healy wish us a Happy New Year on it!
I don't know why Jsports chose Fulham players to send us
New Year's greetings but I am one of a few viewers to be happy to watch them.
Now you should make me happy with some wins.

Aaron wishes us a Happy New Year
at Craven Cottage on Jsports.