Monday, 21 April 2008

What's wrong with us?

I can't answer.

Finn played but didn't score an own goal.
Most importantly, Fulham didn't score, either.

Fulham 0-2 Liverpool

We started well enough to give me some hope
but Keller should have done better.
Of course the rest of the lads could have done better.
I wanted to see commitment, passion, and a desire to win
from the Whites but I couldn't.
We couldn't take advantage of Finn's misplaced pass.

Actually I've been speechless for some time now
and don't want to think about the last three games.
Somehow Bolton won...ooh...

And I didn't want to see you celebrate Pennant's goal
with your teammates, Finn...

Friday, 18 April 2008

Don't get carried away...

Sunday morning, I woke up to find a big smile on my face.

Reading 0-2 Fulham

First away win in 33 games and our two strikers scored!
Just 4 points from the 17th place.

I felt very positive when I checked the rating of some press
and very pleased when I watched the Review Show.
It's a shame that we hit the woodwork three times.

But I had a lump in my throat and shed some tears
when I looked at the photos on the Official site.

I don't know why
but they may show the unity, spirit and determination
or something which lacked before.
I'm not sure.
I don't think the players hadn't fought until this
but...maybe I've become very vulnerable these days.

Now Liverpool next.
We've had some encouraging results against them
at the Cottage.
As they will play Scum on Tuesday(or Wednesday?)
and the fourth place seems almost to be secured,
Tinkerman might rest some key players
(Captain G is injured).
I don't mind if Finn will score the first OG
in his career for us
as long as he plays(...not really).

Thanks, Captain!
His message for the fans.
And the staff of the Official site made a moving vid again.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Great news

It seems Jimmy Bullard will stay with Fulham
if we are relegated.

I have no idea that whom he has told it
and who revealed it to us, but at least,
on the official site he paid tribute to the fantastic support
from the Whites fans
and said that he and his teammates owe them.

Of course, the lads don't want to go down
and they will fight to prevent it.
I hope they are determined to give us something to cheer about.
A win. Or two. Or three.

Sunderland at the Cottage on Saturday.
A must win game.
We must win.

David Healy was presented with an award on 26th March
in recognition of his record-breaking
Euro 2008 Qualification campaign goal tally .
Congratulations, David.
If only you can score for Fulham.
Yes I know you haven't had many opportunities
because of the reason I can't see.
But if only...

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Well done lads

and lasses.

Derby 2-2 Fulham

I was devastated and I can't say any more
with my poor vocabulary to express my feelings properly.
So I'll give the big applause to those
who went all the way to Derby
and had to come back broken-hearted.
I could hear their chants clearly.'s Man of the Match