Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Ca va?

Suruga Bank Championship 2008 Osaka
took place in Japan tonight.
It is a match played between the league cup winners
of Japan and Argentine.
Gamba Osaka vs Arsenal FC.

I wasn't interested in this match.
But Gamba have my favourite GK(Fujigaya)
and right back(Kaji),
I started to watch the game.
I didn't know about Arsenal FC at all.

But lo and behold!
There was Sava, playing for Arsenal!
Facundo Sava, our Man in the Mask!

I was surprised and pleased very much
as I really liked him when he was playing for Fulham
and was very sad when he left.

He hasn't changed much.
He won every header and still had lovely mullet!

He had a good game tonight.
I was wondering if he had a mask in his sock
but I couldn't find it out
because he was replaced around 75th minutes.
It's a shame as he had a few good chaces to score
but I was happy to see him fit and well.

Gamba Osaka 0-1 Arsenal FC

Facundo won another title.
It is not a very big one,
but he and his teammates seemed very happy.

Sunday, 6 July 2008


Long time no see (I know nobody misses it).

It may be a part of the off-season syndromes
as I didn't have a gut to talk about my beloved Fulham...
I have been in the mood of "I don't like football. It sucks!"
I needed a rest...

But the transfer rumours don't wait.

Fulham have got Gera and Andranik.
But we lost Brian.
We know he would leave sometime as he wanted to go back to USA
but I am very sad, very very sad.
Who will replace him?
EJ? He might be , as a striker...
But who will be Captain?
Aaron? Bully?(will he stay?)

Rumour has it that Aston Villa want Finn as a part of the Barry deal,
so he doesn't seem to be back to Fulham.
Although Finn had declared to fight for the RB berth at Anfield ,
no one seemed to care, including his Manager...

Anyway, my beloved Fulham will go to South Korea
for the pre-season friendlies.
Very good chance to watch the Whites as I live in Japan.

Anyone out there (that has time to see my blog)
is going to the eastern country?
If there is someone, please let me know.
I need a White or two to go with and talk to.