Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Photo of the Season

Sorry for my sentiment.

I don't care they will wear the same shirts (white, of course)next season.

A new Red, Philipp Degen seems to be confident
to get the RB place from Finn and Al.
Let's see.

Off -season syndrome

I'm feeling blue these days.

No football on Saturday.
No excitement, joy or sorrow on Saturday.
And those irritating, nerve-wracking transfer rumours!

We've got Schwarzer.
I know he is a good GK
but a bit disappointed that we couldn't get Jussi or Maik
if we really need a GK
as we already have two good GKs.
I didn't realise that our priority was a goalie.
But now that Roy thought otherwise,
I really wish Mark will do a good job for us
as I know we will need his heroics on some occasions.

As for the RB situation,
of course I would be happy if Finn would come back to us
( though I want him to fight for the RB berth at Liverpool to be honest ),
but why Mendy?
I've never rated him and I don't really like him.
He may be free but Paul Stalteri would be a better option, wouldn't he?
He has done a decent job for us and he wants to join us.
Please Roy, please.

Eight players were released.
I feel sorry for Boca.
He might have not been a great defender
(he was sent off vs Villa at Loftus Road and it was the first Fulham game I attended)
but he scored some precious goals for us.
Thanks and good luck to them who had to go.

So Fulham will go to South Korea for the pre-season friendlies.
Why not Japan?
Japan is the better place to play football apparently.
Of course it's because of LG.
Alright then.
I have to manage to join you the Whites fans.
Luckily, I live in a place called Fukuoka
where is very near to SK it will be cheaper than to fly to Tokyo.

Well, there is some good thing during the off-season!

Another interesting game to watch tommorrow.
England vs USA at Wembley.
Boca, Clint and EJ are in the American team.
I hope our lads will play well and beat England.

Monday, 12 May 2008

We are in the Premier League!

Sorry, lads.
I just can't believe this.

Until Murphy scored, I couldn't see this.
We started very well but couldn't score
but neither did they.
We defended well, very well.
So I had a hope we might win and survive
even though other rival teams were winning.

We had to score and win to stay up, as simple as that.

And we did score!

76th minute, from Jimmy's FK , Murphy's header!
I haven't seen the Danny's header until this,
this really crucial moment .

After that we defended even better
and we got 3 precious points.
In my tears, I lost my words and I just praised our lads,
Manager and Uncle Mo.
Also the great applause to the brave people
who went to Pompey,
I could hear your chants and it made me feel I was not alone.

Alright, we must improve to win the title
(which Man U have just won)
but with this squad we will be more comfortable next season, I hope...

Monday, 5 May 2008

We will stay up!

OK, Bolton won.
But most important thing is that we also won!

Fulham 2-0 Birmingham

I don't really understand what that means
but we "took the game to Brum", didn't we?
Every lad showed the will to win and ran all over the pitch.
I was desperately worried about their stamina.

But Captain scored!
I thought he would score when Si's FK flew goalwards.
Brilliant diving header.
He led by example.
It gave the teammates a boost apparently.

Nev(I mean Erik) scored the crucial second goal
and I could breath a sigh of relief at last.
I haven't seen him play much but he seems to know

where the goal is.

The final game of the season is at Fratton Park
and it will be a tough game, of course.
I'll give you all my best wishes to win the FA Cup,
Sean and Papa, so please give us some favour.
One or two own goals and some misplaced passes
would be nice.

I just pray.
I don't think our lads deserve to be relegated.
I want them to prove it.

I'm sorry for Maik.
You are a good GK, no doubt about that.
My dream team always includes you and Finn.
If Fulham need a new GK and a RB...

By the way, the refs were crap, weren't they?