Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Thanks, Mr.Webb

Fulham 0-1 West Ham

Really gutted.
I don't know other words to describe my feeling...

As I haven't watched the game again(I have no guts to do so)
and didn't visit the TIFF site,
so this is my very instinctive and might be a biased view
but we were so unlucky. Very, very unlucky.

It was a foul against Antti and a definite handball by Solano.
Otherwise,I can't understand why Leon was sent off for the protest.
He might have said exactly the same words I uttered in front of my TV screen.
We have seen the less contact was penalised.
Is it because we are Fulham?

So now what should we do?
Are we not good enough to be in the Premiership?
I don't think so, of course.
We can beat ManUre.
We know that.
It will be fulhamish if we beat ManUre, won't it?

Friday, 22 February 2008

No one likes us

We don't care.

Surprisingly, J Sports
(a CS channel who broadcast the Premiership games
in Japan)
have chosen Fulham v West Ham game this Saturday.
Usually they only broadcast games by so-called
the big four clubs
but somehow they have picked this game.

As you suspect, West Ham is loved by Japanese pundits.
They love big names and clubs who have great histories.
They don't give a s**t to Fulham
and I don't care as long as I can watch my beloved
Fulham game.
I wish Fulham to upset those Japanese pundits.
We can beat anyone.
We are Fulham!

But just one problem for me...
At the same time, Liverpool will play Middlesbrough
and of course they broadcast the game.
I'm not sure if I can stay away from the Reds game
as I'm really worried about Finn.
He had a good game against Inter
but he is very inconsistent this season.
I just hope that fat Spaniard to tinker.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Who is as kean as mustard?

Cookie has become the manager of Coventry City.

Welcome back to English football, Cookie and Keano!

Coventry are now 20th in the Championship,
4 points above the relegation zone.
Their Chairman rates Cookie highly
and said they have a five-year plan(sounds familiar?)
and he's got the right man.
As other newly recruited managers,
he said good things about his new club,
but I would be happier if he didn't talk about Fulham.
Please sign Pearcy if you want, Cookie.

I really look forwards to seeing him and his team
to face Fulham in the Premier League,
not in the Championship.
Mind you, Fulham lads!

Monday, 11 February 2008

Just wondering...

What would I feel IF Fulham get relegated?

Boro 1-0 Fulham

Sorry, I am so disappointed with the result
that I can't think of a positive thing
as I just watched the last 20 minutes of the match.
Some said that we conceded because of an awful defending.
The Review Show will be on TV tonight in Japan.
I can't wait...not really...

IF Fulham get relegated,
we, Japanese fans will not be able to
watch a Fulham game on TV.
Watching a defeat by 5-0 against ManUre is better than nothing.
I have no idea if we can watch Championship games online.

Alright, it is too early to worry about such a thing.

I have to have faith in Manager and the lads.
I like them. I really do now more than before
(I mean Sanchez era).
In Roy we trust.

Please forgive me for quoting the words
by Scrumpy on TIFF board (Thanks Scrumpy).


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Great Escape

At last we won!

Fulham 2-1 Aston Villa

The win against the in-form Villa side is a pleasure
but I am more pleased with the lads' gutsy performance.

They gave their 110% for the team
and showed the will to win
which had been missed for a long time.
And the great goals from Simon and Jimmy
(Aaron's one was not so bad)!

I think Nevland did a decent job as a lone striker
and I like what I saw.
Jimmy was everywhere and I was worried
that he would not be able to last for 90 minutes.
But he could and scored a splendid FK!
What a player!
I just hope that no setback will occur to him
as he touched his thigh during the game.
And I am really pleased and relieved to see
Brian playing again.
Welcome back, Captain!

I couldn't scream as my family were asleep at 3AM in Japan,
I just had tears of joy in my eyes when the final whistle blew.

Now that Captain is back
and the new players have played very well,
I don't have to worry about the relegation, do I?

But one thing to worry about is...

Billy the badger.
Please behave yourself.