Friday, 28 March 2008

The Finishing Touch

Newcastle 2-0 Fulham

I have been very ill for a while
so I might have seen the match with my weary eyes and mind
but you, the lads, made me feel worse.

I thought we could beat them.
I didn't want to give that man (a man called King Kev)
his first victory.
And you DID!

Is it Fulhamish?

But, even with my black & white coloured spectacles,
I couldn't see that we were the better side.
What's wrong with us?
Away day curse?
Or are we REALLY not good enough to be in the Premiership?

Yes, we are good enough to survive.
I always wonder why we can't win with this squad.

And I found belatedly this video on the Official site.
Uncle Mo says he believes we can survive, and so do I.

Now we have got seven games to play.
Anything can happen.
We can make it happen.

By the way, whose song is it?
That song makes the video even more emotional.
I shed some tears be honest.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

There's only one Jimmy Bullard

Blackburn 1-1 Fulham

Jimmy has done it again!

I didn't think we played badly in the bad condition
(though BBC thought so), so I was very disappointed
at the way we conceded the goal.
It might have been a foul against Stalteri
but CBs should have dealt with that cross and the player.

Have you seen the Sky's Premier League best?
Simon and Jimmy were chosen in Team of the weekend.
Jimmy was the Player of the week and his goal was Goal of the week.
And Pedersen's goal was Controversy of the week.
Is the man in charge a Fulham fan?
Or suddenly the press come to like Fulham?

Now it is six points from the 17th spot.
We can stay up.
...I hope we can...


CL best 16 2nd leg

Inter 0-1 Liverpool (0-3)

Somehow they won.
Finn had not recovered from the groin injury.
I wonder whether Rafa would have picked Finn if he was fit,
though, as Carra played as RB when Arbeloa was available.
Good saves by Pepe and a great goal from Torres.

Four English clubs are in the quarter final.
Like everybody else,
I hope Reds will play Schalke 04 in the next round.
They are Volzy's boyhood club, aren't they?

Sunday, 2 March 2008


Fulham 0-3 Man Ure

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Go away butterflies!

I am already nervous about tonight's game.
I've seen Fulham beaten ManUre not long ago.
Of course, the team were the different ,
but still I hope they have the same spirit.

Leon is suspended but Bouazza will return.
Giggs will not play because of injury...
yes, it might be a good news
but they still have a plenty of great players.
I didn't know Healy was a ManUre player.
Old boys (Healy and Nev) will let them know what they have missed.
I hope...

They have TWO former Fulham players.
(We are a feeder club to ManUre?)
Edwin has played pretty well this season, I think.
Are you happy, Louis?