Thursday, 29 November 2007

Draw kings

Fulham 2-2 Blackburn Rovers

Why can't we win?
Why did we throw away a win yet again?
Because of a crap ref, Lawrie?

I'm not sure if I appreciate Lawrie Sanchez.
As you all know that I'm a newbie as a football fan, but I am sometimes dubious of his team selection, subs and even his new players.
Of course under Cookie, I've felt the same but at least I really liked his purchase.
I often felt Cookie read my mind and bought the players(Bonnissel, Super MaC, Antti, Bully,
Simon Davies, Tony).
I know that at every club players come and go and I've become to like new players and support them as ours, so I don't know why it's not the same this time.
I was happy when I knew Aaron joined but other than that...
Please prove me wrong lads and I'll eat humble pie!
One thing for sure, I really don't like Kamara's goal celebration ...good goal, though.


Reserves 3-0 Portsmouth

It's nice to see Volzy back and Smertin also played. (match report)
I'm wondering why LS doesn't play Alex in the first team.
2 goals from Wayne Brown, 19 years old midfielder, one for the future I hope.

His nickname is Browny.
He must be a hard tackler...

Saturday, 24 November 2007

The end is so predictable says Peter Perrett

Spain 1-0 Northern Ireland
Cheats 0-0 Finland
England 2-3 Croatia

It's a shame that NI and Finland couldn't qualify.
Great performance from Jaaskelainen
and I really, really hate Portuguese footballers.
England...well... sorry.
Anyway a few manager's jobs are available now.
I hope FAI will choose a good, experienced one this time.

By the way, the very unpredictable thing happened.
Peter Perrett reformed his legendary(and my favourite) band the Only Ones.
While I had been worried about football things,
he had survived another drug addict and already played several gigs.
I've found it just in time as they'll come to Japan next April.
Peter is a Spurs fan and if I can meet him
I don't think I can resist reminding him of the great comeback by Fulham in 2002.

no peace for the wicked...

Bring on Savage!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Boring international break

In a way.

Finn and his teammates have nothing to do on Wednesday.

But I'm very excited about Northern Ireland's prospects to qualify for Euro 2008.
I know that to win against Spain would be a big task
but they have a record-breaking goal scorer
and a decent goalkeeper.
They seem to have improved under LS and Maik Taylor says they are still improving.
And he has no plan to retire!
Maik in goal in somewhere in Switzerland,Austria or South Africa...fantastic.

How about Finland?
Away against (cheating)Portugal...well...
Shefki's goal and unscathed Antti would be nice.
But we all know something unpredictable will happen in football matches.
I eagerly want to see that cheat(you know who)crying.

Monday, 19 November 2007

We've got a right back

I found Steve Finnan in 2002 when he played for Ireland
at the World Cup finals in Japan.
I didn't know about football then (and still don't know well)
but he impressed me a lot.
Thanks to Inamoto, we Japanese could watch every Fulham game on TV during his stay with the Whites.
Finn invited me to ride the Fulham roller coaster
and I became a Fulham fan.

How gutted I was when he was sold to Liverpool ...
I can't say I really like Liverpool but I can't help caring about them because of Finn.
You may understand how frustrating it is to care about them!
But at least their fans made a chant for him, at last.

This doll was made by a friend of mine Runo the dollmaker.
Lovely, isn't it.