Tuesday, 23 September 2008

You are too nice

Blackburn 1-0 Fulham

I was disappointed very much.
Will our away day blues still continue this season?

We had some good chances and if only BZ knew
how to head the ball into the back of the net,
we could have won.

Another away game tonight,
away at Turf Moor.

I remember the night when Sean was sent off
and FFC Official site man cruelly used the picture of the gutted Finn
in front of the scoreboard which said 3-0.

We haven't won at Turf Moor for over 50 years
but there isn't any reason that we can't win this time.
I hope Roy has put some magic into our team to break the jinx.
And I want see Leon, Fred, Zubi or Toni
play to prove their ability.

By the way, I think Gentleman Jim was saying
that the away shirt was sexy
(my hearing ability of English is dubious),
do you think so?
I think it is fairy good but sexy...?


Espanyol 1-1 Getafe

Finn made a debut for Espanyol on Saturday.
He replaced the injured left back Beranger at 79th minutes.
Some fans said on a message board that he was solid
and it made me feel relieved.

Their fans expect that Finn will be a big hit
as he has played at two CL finals
and was a regular RB for that famous Liverpool.
I hope the pressure doesn't affect him.

In Japan, the away match against Sevilla
will be on TV on Wednesday.
I want to see Finn play,
but at least to know his new teammates
I will get up early, at 4:00AM.

I don't really understand why the Spanish games
start at 22:00 even on weekend.
Culture shock, that is...

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