Friday, 28 August 2009

Premiership hangover?

I'm writing this while we are playing.

Now we are playing Amkar Perm in Russia.
We won 3-1 at the Cottage
and of course it's an advantage
but by the text commentary by BBC
and some fans who can watch the game,
we are poor, very very poor.
Someone said we were shite...
No shot in the first half.
It seemed that it was a miracle that we didn't concede.
Everything can happen in those kind of games.
Roy, please let the lads awake!

I might be lucky I can't watch the game...

Somehow we can manage not to concede
and still no shot.
Mark is the busiest Whites player on the pitch.
Pants is booked.
Wow first shot is by Zol, saved by their GK.
10 minutes to go.
We defend brilliantly(...or desperately).
5 minutes to go.

It will be very nice to have a late goal...

Oh, a late goal from them.
1-0 .(2-3 on agg)
Come on you Whites!
Please hang in there!


Full Time.
I don't like this, lads!

Amkar Perm 1-0 Fulham (agg 2-3)

Although we were awful,
we are through to the next stage in Europe.
Yes I'm worried sick to think about the next opponent
because of the way we played tonight.
But let's enjoy Europe games while it lasts!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

European hangover?

Fulham 0-2 Chelsea

I'm so disappointed at the result
as I expected more from our Whites.
My expectation is higher than the last campaign obviously
and I thought we had a good chance to beat Scum
or at least had a good game.
But how could we have a chance
when we couldn't have a ball
and gave it cheaply so often?
And the substitution?
We don't have a big squad sadly
but we have to manage with it.

A bad day at the office, wasn't it?
I really hope so.
Duffer, I expected you could make
a great contribution for us.
We know you can.
Please don't let me down.

I don't care if we are in the Championship, League 1 or 2.
I love Fulham because they are Fulham.
When we lose, I can't watch other football games
even if it was my local club Sagan Tosu game.
And I really want to see our lads' passion,determination
and commitment.
Most of all , goals...

We can bounce back against Villa next week.
We Japanese fans will be able to watch the game
and it's live !(a la Martin Tylor )

Friday, 21 August 2009

New season, new joy, new worry

Now that Finn has returned to the Premier League
(even if he plays for Pompey)
and we are in the Europa League,
I am fully awake.

Fulham 3-1 Amkar Perm

I'm happy as we won against an enigmatic Russian side,
but AJ was injured by the bad challenge
and we all know that our squad is not very big.
We don't have money.
So it's up to Mr. RH's ability as a manager
and with no reason, I trust him blindly.

It seems Duffer made a good debut.
He will make the Scum fans to regret to let him go on Saturday
(I desperately hope so) .

Well, honestly, I'm not worried about my Fulham very much.
I'm worried sick about Pompey and Finn.
They lost two games in a row
and Finn is injured now.
Their next game is against Arse.
Oh my ...

Burnley beat Man U,but...
I just hope they will show the determination, commitment
and passion.
And most of all I want to see Finn play ...