Monday, 4 August 2008

Not yet...

I hate this transfer thingy.
Especially this year.

Barry saga is still on and becoming to get complicated.
Barry wants to be a Red.
Villa wants £18m for him.
Liverpool doesn't want to pay it.
And Villa doesn't think Finn is worth £2m.

Yes I know that the balding manager
doesn't need Finn anymore
now that he has a young Swiss international right back.
I don't know why they want to use Finn
as a makeweight for Barry
but think if O'Neill wants Finn it would be good for him.

But some paper said that Finn was reluctant to join Villa
as part of the deal.
Fair enough.
He wants to fight for the place at Liverpool.
I will support him whatever he wants.
But Finn, when your manager doesn't want you,
how would you make him to play you?

I really hate this.
I hate Rafa B, very much.