Saturday, 29 December 2007

Finns anyone?

Roy Hodgson was appointed as Fulham manager.
The only thing I know about him is that
he is a very experienced coach and
he recently almost led Finland to Euro 2008 finals.
Good luck, Roy.
You'll have my backing until you let me down.

I don't really mind you bringing some Finns.
How about Jussi J or Hyypia or Tainio or Koppinen
or Vayrynen or Forssell... but no Enckelman, please.
Or Finn?

Rams to the slaughter

Not really.

Derby 1-2 Liverpool

After the Fulham game I watched this.

Dean Leacock and Eddie Lewis(aka American Beckham) played for Derby.
I've never seen Lewis playing for Fulham
but I think Deano played some decent games in place of Finn.
Finn came back from injury and had to take care of Lewis.
Very interesting, it seemed.

Finn might not be 100% fit but I think he had a so-so game
(I'm demanding as far as Finn is concerned)
and Liverpool somehow got three points.
Lewis took a very good free kick to score the equaliser.
I could catch a glimpse of (American) Beckham.

I feel for the Derby fans.
In the second half, Derby showed the spirit which we lacked.
They showed a desire to win and fought for a win which they almost nicked.
I applaud the players and their fans.
If only our Fulham ...

Now we play Birmingham on Saturday.
Who will score?
Can we score?
Of course we can. I'm sorry, Maik.

Thursday, 27 December 2007


I was wrong.
We didn't go up.

Spurs 5-1 Fulham

Where were spirit and effort?
No desire to win?
We are not just good enough?

Baird and returning Volzy were terrorised by Steeeed
and he is in the Skysports' team of the week.
How fulhamish...
I hope Junior will be fit for the Birmingham game.

Monday, 24 December 2007

A very merry Christmas

To you all.

Come on you Whites!

Spirit and effort

Fulham 1-1 Wigan

As I couldn't watch the game online,
I listened to the commentary by Gentleman Jim.
He feels the same as me (you all know)
and he says "Oh, no!" in the depressed voice
when we concede goals
before describing how it happens.
I heard it in 70th minutes.

All right, we conceded again.
From his commentaries I thought we improved
and had a good game.
Under a caretaker manager and being in the bottom three,
the lads have to feel the urgency and have to perform.

Then came 78th minutes.
Clint scored.
I felt Gentleman Jim was almost weeping like me.
His voice was trembling
and I was really really happy to have a commentator like him with us.

It's a shame to get only a point against Wigan.
But if I believe what Ray Lew said(no reason why I doubt)
there were spirit and effort.
We are 17th now and we will only go up.

Friday, 21 December 2007

LS was sacked

At least one step forward, I hope.

Ray Lew and Billy McKinlay will be in charge for the tomorrow's game.
I really want to see our Super Whites play an attractive passing football again.
Who will be our saviour?
For another few days I will be having butterflies...

Wigan game is a must-win game
and I desperately hope our players to show their desire and determination.
I'll get behind the lads like all the Fulham supporters as always
and the lads have to realise that.

Just a reminder...

CL last 16
Full draw:

Celtic v Barcelona
Lyon v Manchester United
Schalke v Porto
Liverpool v Inter Milan
Roma v Real Madrid
Arsenal v AC Milan
Olympiakos v Chelsea
Fenerbahce v Sevilla

(Ties to be played on 19/20 February and 4/5 March)

Lucky Scum...

Dream on, Milucra!

John Collins resigned as Hibs manager.
I heard that Jean Tigana was at Craven Cottage the other day
and so was Lee Clark.
JT, JC and Clarkie...what a fantastic management team!
Sorry, I'm just dreaming.

I have to go now and
I'm not sure if I can concentrate on work.

And can anyone explain about this, please?

(around 9:30 this morning)

Thursday, 20 December 2007

deflected in off...or

"Deflection" is a fairly familiar word
for Japanese football fans
because Japanese commentators often use the word
in their commentaries.
They might have said
"Lampard no shoot wa Carragher ni atatte deflection shimashita"
when they saw the goal by the Scum's captain.
But they would have been too polite to say
"How many deflected goals has he scored this season? "
"Most of them, I think"
Unlucky Carra and Itandje...
But not unlucky you Crouch!
That was not what most Reds fans wanted from your long legs.
Did Mr.Benitez think they could win
with the team he selected against the strong Blues side
or he just give up?
It is only the Carling Cup some might say
but it would have been the only winnable silverware this season.

OK I don't really care about it.
I'm just worried about Finn's injury.
It didn't seem to be so serious when N'Zogbia stamped on his shin.
Or it might be a different injury or Manager is thinking something.
We all know he thinks a lot...

By the way I found this example in my dictionary.
"deflect from one's duties"

Sunday, 16 December 2007 golden sky

Fulham 0-1 Newcastle

Improved performance from our Mighty Whites.
Well done, lads!

...the above was what I was writing around 80 minutes.

But now I am so disappointed that I can't say anything meaningful.
(OK, I know I don't say anything meaningful anytime.)
Junior was having a good game but one rash challenge ruined his 19th birthday.
Penalty kick by Barton of all people...(I really hate him)
in the added time...
It may be a cruel lesson for him but for Fulham it could be crucial.
If only our attacking players could (should) have scored this and that...
At least we deserved a draw.

Now we are in the relegation zone.
What will LS do? Or Uncle Mo...
Last few seasons (from 2002 I mean) I never had been worried about the relegation this much.
I don't have a faith in LS, it seems...

But how cruel football is...

Monday, 10 December 2007

At the end of a storm...

Everton 3-0 Fulham

I don't want to talk about the match.
I'll just give a big applause to those who travelled to Merseyside in the pouring rain.
I could hear their voices.
But their journey back home must have been miserable...

Now the Fulham game was over around 2AM here in Japan
and the Reading v Liverpool game started soon after that.
I thought that Finn could comfort me but lo and behold!
He wasn't playing and even wasn't on the bench.
I knew he had a calf injury but was it that serious?
Or was he rested for the CL game?
Nobody gave me a slightest idea about it.
Nobody cares about him.
"All right then" I thought,"I don't care as long as they win" all know the result.

Reading 3-1 Liverpool

I went to bed about 4AM and woke up 7AM to go to work.
What a terrible night(or morning) it was...

These are my wishes, Mr.Santa Claus.

courtesy of Runo

Fit Super MaC.
Fit Bully (glad to see him with the team yesterday).
Fit Volzy.
Some wins.
Decent manager.
Passion, determination and commitment from our players.
At least one medal and a decent manager for Finn.

And unlucky Maik...
Antti is in the Sky's team of the weekend.
How is it like to be a goalkeeper, I wonder?
A very interesting article by Aki Liihilahti (ex Crystal Palace midfielder)
about a goalkeeper. Worth a read.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Well done!


He made some fantastic saves to make the scoreline look decent.

ManUre 2-0 Fulham

I think Junior had a good game and so did Aaron.
I forgot that Murphy was a great player for Liverpool.
He reminded me that last night(this early morning, actually).
If only he could score... and Kuqi, you should have scored!

Their two goals were avoidable. I didn't want to see the soft goals.
And especially by that cheat of all people!
I don't mind a goal by Rooney or even Saha but not that c**t.
I was really pleased that the crap,
sorry Mr.Ref gave him a yellow card for diving instead of sending off Antti.
Sir Purplenose moaned about it but everybody can see
that the cheat tried to get a penalty and didn't jump over our precious keeper.
We played some neat football but no real threat in the final third.
Deja vu?
Where will we get points from?
I don't know. I just hope...