Thursday, 27 August 2009

European hangover?

Fulham 0-2 Chelsea

I'm so disappointed at the result
as I expected more from our Whites.
My expectation is higher than the last campaign obviously
and I thought we had a good chance to beat Scum
or at least had a good game.
But how could we have a chance
when we couldn't have a ball
and gave it cheaply so often?
And the substitution?
We don't have a big squad sadly
but we have to manage with it.

A bad day at the office, wasn't it?
I really hope so.
Duffer, I expected you could make
a great contribution for us.
We know you can.
Please don't let me down.

I don't care if we are in the Championship, League 1 or 2.
I love Fulham because they are Fulham.
When we lose, I can't watch other football games
even if it was my local club Sagan Tosu game.
And I really want to see our lads' passion,determination
and commitment.
Most of all , goals...

We can bounce back against Villa next week.
We Japanese fans will be able to watch the game
and it's live !(a la Martin Tylor )

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