Saturday, 20 August 2011

One to go

EL play-off 1st leg

Fulham 3-0 Dnipro

Aaron 39
Clint 43
Clint 49

I'm really happy that Aaron scored
(long time no see! lovely!)
and realised I missed Clint so much.
Welcome back, Clint!

We were very solid at the back.
Matt and Kelly played well
and our centre-back pairing should be
Aaron and Brede, the Rocks.

While I'm pleased at the deserved win,
I think greedily I would be happier
if we had got more goals.
Yes I am a natural worrier...
But thinking about our away record,
is there a reason to worry about, isn't it?

Of course we don't have to win next week
or even draw.
But anything happens.
We all remember that match against Juve .

Alright, I shouldn't worry too much.
I should have faith in the lads.
Remember the great joy they gave me.
Yes...I will try.

But PL comes first.
Wolves away tomorrow.
PL is the priority, isn't it?
So break the curse of away nightmare!

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